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Hydrogation Water Solutions

We began operations in 1989, providing our clients with solutions to their water quality problems across all sectors: agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential. Through our unique, advanced, and innovative System and our own Ultra-filtration design, we help our clients reduce water consumption, wasted water from water softeners.


Hydrogation designs, installs, and services water conditioning systems that eliminate scale & corrosion keeping piping, plumbing, and equipment free of mineral formation. Our process converts all minerals so they do not stick and changes makes all minerals soluble, making all water digestible for trees and l plant material.

We offer a wide range of services and products, such as:

  • Our Hydrogation Systems to improve water quality.

  • Ultra-filtration without wasting water, helping our customers to be ecologically responsible.

  • Specially designed system to remove scale & corrosion in pipes and equipment, in both hot and cold water systems.

  • Design, installation and service of water systems improving functionality and water quality. Our unique designs provide the optimum in hydraulic, pumping, and storage networks.

  • Conditioning, Ultra-filtration, and protection for both hot and cold water.

  • Specializing in water conservation and maintenance cost reduction.

Hydrogation Ultra-filtration is designed to replace traditional systems, eliminate unnecessary expenses, and save water.
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Company Video:

Hydroponics Installation

Hydrogation's treated water vs. untreated for a hydroponic lettuce grower resulted in higher yield, better color, larger leaves per plant, and healthier lettuce. Information available upon request.

Short clip showing how much water is wasted by using traditional water softening systems:

At a hotel in the Port of San Diego, we recently installed a water meter on the rinse cycle piping to the drain from their water softener. This video shows how many thousands of gallons per minute of water is completely wasted. At 128 gallons per minute for 45 minutes per day for two water softeners a total of 260,000 gallons of water wasted to the drain in 12 months. How many businesses are unknowingly wasting our communities' water resources?

Unique discovery converts calcium to a mineral that doesn't form scale and helps plants thrive.
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