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Agriculture, Turf & Irrigation

How does Hydrogation compare for the Agricultural & Irrigation Sector
vs. other systems?
Hydrogation works to help the grower or irrigation user change the elements in the water (any water) rather than soil remedies or ior excessive fertilizers and chemicals that cause a reaction in the plants and/or crops. In addition, Hydrogation can help to enhance any fertilizer that the client would still like to continue using.

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Benefits of Using Hydrogation:
  • Better water retention in clay soils (without puddles)
  • Better water retention in sandy soils (without excess infiltration) = REDUCTION OF WATER AND ELECTRICITY USE
  • 100% scale removal in irrigation systems and dripper lines without the use of acid.
  • Exceptional results in leaf/tissue analysis with waters up to 10,000 ppm.
  • Uniform plant growth, regardless of soil conditions.
  • Improves the texture of agricultural soils.
  • Crops and plants with uniform height, as they have droppers free of scale plugging.
  • Reduction of algae in lakes, storage tanks, and irrigation reservoirs.
  • Increased growth / production per acre.
Read how Hydrogation improved sunflower production 100%

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Agriculture Report
Hydrogation systems installation

Images below show installation of our Hydrogation System on one section of an agricultural property. The system was connected to the central water source that feeds a large central pivot irrigation system. After installing Hydrogaton, the client saw no puddling on the surface while irrigating.

Currently, the Agricultural Sector faces many challenges, one of the main ones being climate change in the environment, and specifically poor water quality & salty soil conditions. These conditions hamper plant growth. Hydrogation conditions the water converting high mineral water into soluble minerals in which plants can digest. Most people do not know that excess minerals in the water are not digestible for the plant. Thus causing a deficiency in that same mineral for the same plant. Therefore a water containing high mineral content, produces a plant with a deficiency in the nutritional value of that same mineral shown in laboratory analysis for the leaf. Better water as a result of the Hydrogation System also makes the soil moister and more receptive to absorbing water, instead of surface puddling & run off. This provides an increase in crop production for every acre planted.

The use of Hydrogation's "modified water" is key to reducing the negative effects of sodium and chloride, which cause burns in the plant's foliage, poor harvests, etc.

Simply put, Hydrogation makes all the minerals in water more assimilable or digestible. This is verifiable in the results of laboratory leaf studies carried out on plants irrigated with "modified water" using the Hydrogation System.

With a better understanding of what the Hydrogation System can do,  our customers can have fewer and fewer problems in their plantings. The System can improve your growing capacity, open up more diversity in the plants or crop you'd like to select based on salt tolerance (grow plants that normally would never grow with salty water) and increase your businesses profit margin.

Our mission is to make a difference in the agriculture industry.
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Below are photos showing crop results after installing Hydrogation
Hydrogation resulted in more crop volume per acre. Photos show the crop harvest of one section using Hydrogation. Prior to our installation each 8 rows x 50m section produced 60 boxes of vegetable. After irrigating with Hydrogation, a small portion of the harvested section in the picture on the lower left produced 100 boxes of vegetable. More profit per section than any other harvest ever cut. Note: The NEW soil texture for the next planting. The soil has now softened  & completely different.
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