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Projects Installed

Sol Azteca - Tortilla Factory

We designed this Ultra-filtration system for 100% water recovery in the purified water plant.

Pesquera Miramar - Exporter of Fish
Main P
acking Plant

We installed the Hydrogation Ultra Filtration system on this fish packing plant to eliminate water waste and scale build-up.

With Hydrogation, scale is softened and easily removed

There is no need to use chemicals to remove scale and mineral build-up. Our system converts minerals into a soluble mineral that can be wiped away

See how easy it is to remove scale by hand from these evaporative condensers and cooling towers.

Since Hydrogation eliminates the need for water softeners it eliminates rinse cycle water waste. At no charge, we can install a water meter on your water softener to demonstrate to our clients how many gallons of water are wasted monthly. Just schedule a free installation & see how much we can save you.

During the rinse cycle, the water softeners pictured on the left for this hotel's kitchen sends 128 gallons a minute of water down the drain for 30 minutes each day x two tanks. Additionally 20 tons of salt per month were needed for their operation.

With Hydrogation and our Ultra-filtration, softeners can be disconnected and there will no longer be water wasted and no more purchasing of bags of salt.


This yields substantial savings in water costs and makes a positive contribution in terms of water conservation.

clear water ripple_edited.jpg
Hydrogation - Projects Installed

La Jolla Country Club

Restaurant El Rey Sol
Restaurant Alma Verde Rush
Food processing plant Alma Verde


Hospital Oasis de Hope
Hospital SIMNSA
Hospital Overweight Reduction Center
Hospital Border Bariatrics Surgery Center


Agua Caliente Horse Race Track

Caliente Casinos

Heineken & Tecate Beer Brewery (Previously: Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma)
Tecate Breweries - Recycled Water Plant & Facilities

Coca-Cola Bottling (Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers)
Pesquera Miramar - Fish Packing House Exporter to U.S. & Canada
Olanda Seafoods - Fish Packing House, Exporter to U.S. & Canada
King Ice - Ice Factory
K-100 - Laboratory & Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer
El Cantarito - Water Purification Plant


Courtyard by Marriott                                           Hotel Royal Solaris - Cancún
Hotel Hyatt Place                                                         Hotel GR Solaris - Cancún
Hotel Coral & Marina                                         Hotel Sunset Lagoon - Cancún
Hotel Holiday Inn Express                                               Hotel Sunset - Cancún
Hotel Holiday Inn                                                  Holiday Inn Express - Cancún

Hotel Coral & Marina                                                     Hotel Blue Bay - Cancún

 Hotel San Nicolás                                      otel Aqua Marina Beach - Cancún

Hotel Palacio Azteca                                  Hotel Fiesta Americana - Cancún
Hotel Posada El Rey Sol                                       Ceiba Hotel & Spa - Cancún
Hotel Punta Morro                                                     Hotel Casa Maya - Cancún
Motel Ensueño                                                                         NH Krystal - Cancún
Motel La Mansión                                                              Plaza La  Isla - Cancún
Motel Hacienda Soler                                                       Plaza Forum - Cancún
Motel Valle Sur
Motel Parador
Hotel Rancho L-86

Hotel Boutique (that's the name)
Hotel Boutique Terra del Valle


Private Zoo - Grupo Caliente Casinos: Hank-Rhon Residential Zoo

Terra Bella - Plant Nursery

Winery de Dragones (Well Water)

Winery - Viña de Frannes (Well Water)

Winery - La Carrodilla (Well Water)

Winery - Hacienda La Lomita (Well Water)

CIDCA Hydroponic Investigation University for Lettuce (Well Water)

La Ranchera - Papaya Grower & Exporter

Las Cañadas Pools, Wave Pool, Camping & Recreation (Well Water)

Juan Jiménez - Alfalfa Grower El Paso, TX

University Frontera Norte - Investigative Growing Cd. Juárez / El Paso, TX

Agronegocios La Florída - Agricultural Grower (Well Water)
Pomegranite Farm - Javier Neri (Well Water)


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