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Pools, Jacuzzis, Water Features

clear water ripple_edited.jpg
There is nothing better than seeing clean water in a pool or jacuzzi.
Benefits of using Hydrogation
  • Continuous treatment for a fraction of the cost of other traditional treatments.

  • Absolute clear and crystaline water.

  • Better pool filtration with Hydrogation and less backwashing of filters, again saving water.

  • Removes slime. Removes white spots or rust spots for any water used.

  • Reduces black algae on swimming pool bottom.

  • Protects copper tubing in pool & jacuzzi heaters, reducing the cost of gas & extending the their life.

photo of two swimming pools at a hotel
With Hydrogation, water is so clear & transparent, you can see the bottom of the pool
Here's what one client says

"This works great for the pool.  I am running the chlorine generator at ½ what I used to.  I don’t even shock my pool anymore or use algae chemicals.  Organic matter will use up any available chlorine in any pool, I just use an enzyme eater which frees up the chlorine.  Algae is not a problem anymore like before.


For the house, it helps with calcium not to build up on fixtures and we have reduced our laundry detergent by 50%. We don’t use softener anymore.  We drink the water and use it for everything.  No more bottled water."

~ Timothy Vizkeleti

Do you have well water or cloudy water?
Below are examples of pool water before and after installing Hydrogation
Cloudy water filled with chemicals is dangerous for children. Hydrogation conditions water naturally and provides the most unbelievable water that has ever touched your skin. Less chemicals = no burning of the eyes.

Cloudy water before installing Hydrogation. Notice that the children's bodies and legs, as well as the bottom of the pool are not visible below the water's surface.

clear water ripple_edited.jpg
This is the same pool after installing Hydrogation. Water is clear and you can see the pool's floor. Newly treated with Hydrogation, a swimmer can see from one side to the other (under water with no goggles).
After installing Hydrogation, pools, jacuzzis, and water features are easy to clean and use fewer chemicals
No acids are needed to remove scale from pool or fountain tiles, preventing the need to replace damaged tiles.
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