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Available Services


We custom design each installation to accommodate space constraints and ease of access. Our systems are specially designed to fit into tight spaces freeing up floor space. They do
not use salt or softeners and are maintenance-free.


Hydrogation has partnered with RD Plumbing, Inc. based in San Diego, CA to oversee all equipment installation and maintenance.


We handle all your service needs during and after installation for the life of your Hydrogation Water Solutions products. We 100% guarantee our work.

Hydrogation Water Systems are built to last

For more than three decades, we have researched and tested our water conditioning systems in all types of applications. From residential to agricultural, to commercial, and industrial, our equipment has withstood constant use. Hydrogation carries a lifetime warranty and we 100% guarantee our plumbing fittings & connections for one year and will replace any parts free of charge should that unlikely situation occur. Our unique water conditioning solution converts calcium and minerals in any kind of water - hard, soft, hot, or cold - into a soluble mineral that eliminates scale and is easily absorbed by plants. Consequently, skin and clothes are softer, fixtures and equipment last longer, and plants thrive.

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