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There is nothing better more prestigious than
for your customers to see & use clean water at your property.

With our Hydrogation system you will enjoy cleaner, fresher water, free of salt and heavy minerals. You will also reduce maintenance costs with a reduction of chemical usage.

clear water ripple_edited.jpg
Benefits of Using Hydrogation
  • Continuous water treatment for a fraction of the cost compared to old-fashioned / traditional treatments.
  • Transparent and crystal clear water.
  • Higher filtration with Hydrogation and back-washing of pool filters.
  • Removal of scale, water spotting, and corrosion using any type of water, including well water.
  • Copper pipes & tube bundles in pool heaters protected against damage.
  • No scale converts to energy saving for the heating and cooling of water as well as premature failure costs.
  • No need to use water softeners.
  • No floor space required for large softener tanks, bags of salt, or chemical storage containers or barrels.
Which do you prefer? Without Hydgrogation? Or with Hydrogation?
COMERCIAL-02-water buckets_edited.jpg
Without Hydrogation
COMERCIAL-02-water buckets_edited.jpg
With Hydrogation
Dirty water stops here!

The Hydrogation system installs on the wall to save space. It eliminates the need for softener tanks, filters, additives, and heavy bags of salt. The unique filtration system captures and stops all particles in the water and converts your water into clean, usable water eliminating scale & corrosion. Once the Hydrogation System is installed, there is no need to replace faucets and fixtures. Cleaner table and glassware that last longer. Spotless is good. Better cleaning for sheets, towels & linens. Below are images of faucets and shower heads more than 12 years old. Do they still look new? Perhaps they'll never need replacing. Any scale mineral marks from the water's evaporation is easily wiped off.  See water being wasted using a standard water softener system.

Tested for water quality and under ultraviolet light

Confirmed: Using a digital water quality tester that indicates water at 142x10 (1420 PPM) still provides excellent results even under an Ultraviolet Light that shows glassware and toilet bowls are spotless.

Water Softeners Waste Water: How much water going down the drain?

This hotel kitchen has a water softener installed. The video shows the amount of water being wasted during the rinse cycle.

The hotel has multiple water softener tanks installed in other areas of the property. Imagine how much water is wasted overall using water softeners. We are supposed to conserve water, right?

Water waste
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