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Benefits of Using Hydrogation
  • Removes scale.
  • No scale = better transfer of energy (saving money & energy).
  • Reduces operating expenses.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Eliminates use of many chemicals.
  • Eliminates cost of back-washing and softener rinsing.
  • Proven results up to 10,132 ppm.
  • Zero headaches. Nor deliveries and storage of salt or chemicals needed.
  • Hydrogation is a real space saver.

Learn how Hydrogation converts calcium to a mineral that doesn't form scale and makes water more digestible.

Without Hydrogation, nothing is 100% protected. Hydrogation is the solution!

Hydrogation installed on hot water return line + Ultra-filtration. All professional plumbing & design: Hydrogation Water Solutions.

Image by Wesley Tingey
Hydrogation can be used in chillers or any heat exchange system
Below are photos of an installed on a chiller's 800 GPM re-circulation system.
Hot water tanks, steam boilers, valves & plumbing accessories stay clean.
Hydrogation works in cooling towers and evaporative cooling systems
Hydrogation is the only system that eliminates chemical use in evaporative condensers and cooling towers.
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Hydrogation removes oxide and scale from circulating chiller tanks
Hydrogation is the only system that removes rust and scale from all equipment involved with water.
Combined with our unique Ultra-filtration design, Hydrogation removes oxide from inside circulation chiller systems.
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Hydrogation works in hot water bag filtration systems
Below is an example of the Ultra-Filtration installed before our water purification system for treating 100,000 liters daily for flavored juice
and pop cycle production.
Hydrogation ultra filtration system
Photos below show the Hydrogation system capturing minerals in the hot water bag filtration system.
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Hydrogation can be used in steam boilers as well
From a steam boiler to a hot water tank, our system works on any water, hot or cold.
Our design team installed the Hydrogation system to the steam boiler make-up line. Both condensation and make-up water are treated with Hydrogation filters, removing scale and oxide from the tank interiors.
Hydrogation removes scale from steam boilers that can easily be discharged from its purge line, maintaining a clean efficient boiler. When all scale is gone you've enjoyed Hydrogation. The photos above show the scale flushed out of the tanks.
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