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The most important place for us is our home
where we must ensure hygiene regarding the water we use

The Hydrogation system eliminates the use of chemicals to remove scale, corrosion, mold, algae, etc., preserving the life of faucets and fixtures throughout the home. Water Conditioning combined with Ultra-filtration removes grime and undesirables from the water before they enter your home.

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Benefits of Using Hydrogation
  • Incredibly soft and revitalized skin and hair.

  • Cleaner, brighter and softer clothes.

  • Shiny chrome faucets and fixtures.

  • Crystal clear water for the pool and Jacuzzi with less chemicals needed. No burning eyes in the pool.

  • Simple installation requiring only a small area for its installation.

  • No heavy bags of salt to carry and put into a water softener. NEVER.

  • No monthly maintenance.

  • 100% silent operation.

  • Eliminates scale and protects your chrome faucets, fixtures, shower doors and tiles, piping, valves, and hot water heaters.

  • Prolongs the life of washing machines, dishwashers, and toilets.

  • Reduces the amount of detergents and cleansers needed for your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry.

  • Reduces water consumption for irrigation by 30% maintaining healthier, greener plants.

  • Reduces puddling during irrigation providing deeper rooting for all trees & plants.

Our design team can easily accommodate different sized spaces for installation
Low wall installation

Simple, small outdoor installation. Same pressure in. Same pressure out.

Without Hydrogation

Faucets and fixtures show signs of scale and calcium build-up from hard and/or corrosive water, that eat away at fixtures. Water flow is blocked by mineral build-up. Fixtures must be replaced often, costing money.

With Hydrogation

Our uniquely designed technology conditions any type of water so that scale and minerals do not form, extending the life of all fixtures. Hydrogation makes water more filterable, so it's cleaner. Water smells and tastes better, too.

Residential results using Hydrogation

After installing Hydrogation and ultra-filtration, clients report greener lawns, healthier plants, and spotless bathroom and kitchen fixtures and appliances. Hydrogation is the only system that converts all minerals in the water to soluble minerals making all water more digestible for plants and trees.

Even after more than 24 hours of watering, there was no surface puddling after installing our Hydrogation system. Note the drain; water never ran as far as the drain where it could have gone, and instead went directly into the ground.
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