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Founding Partner Letter

With operations now in both the United States and México, I can tell you that our company, Hydrogation Water Solutions, has done very well. The success achieved since our beginning in Rancho Santa Fe, CA USA in 1989, has been to remain committed to the mission of pleasing our clients.

We are 100% dedicated to  “Saving water and reducing monthly maintenance expenses.” We have never deviated from this role as a company and fully appreciate serving our clients.

By just being persistent, we have endured the ups and downs of the economy, while there are many companies that have closed or disappeared.

We are here to service our clients and help them design a more efficient Water Conditioning and Filtration System. Above all, an investment made to fit within their budget. Always providing a quick return on investment.

If there is currently no budget for the purchase of the system, our clients can still get to know and use Hydrogation with all of its immediate cost saving benefits. We have designed a monthly rental plan for the equipment, and in this way the savings obtained can be capitalized for a future purchase.

I am sure that Hydrogation will be an essential component for immediate cost savings within your property. Here it is proven the immediate savings will be greater than the amount of the monthly rent to the use of the System.

Based on our experience, we have discovered that there is no type of water where Hydrogation can fail you. In both San Diego Counties and many states in México Hydrogation as proven to be effective on water wells with mineral content as high as 10,000 parts per million (ppm) with no adverse affects to the soil nor the plants or commercial crops. Not even clogged emitters in drip irrigation lines.

Immediate and visible results in plants and trees without damage by salty water, in addition a 30% reduction of water for irrigation was obtained.

Additionally, even faucets & fixtures are free of scale or damage using well water.

With so many years of experience I can say with certainty, there is NO other system on the market that can provide the solution like the Hydrogation System. If there is…please let us know, we will include it in our inventory.

Combined with years of industry experience, our technicians, unique design affiliated groups, and knowledge of water pump and distribution, together we can offer the only comprehensive system that you are unlikely to find with any of our competitors.

The Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial sectors can count on me personally to give them what they need for their project,  ALWAYS!

Brandt D. Smith

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